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Tina - The Tina Turner Musical Reviews

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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (3.8 Stars)

Number of reviews: 45



5.0 star rating Leah Piczak from New York, New York


I saw Adrienne Warren as Tina in the Tina Musical last October in London and it was the best musical I’ve ever seen! I’m waiting for the musical in New York to be announced! Tina Turner from Canada🇨🇦

5.0 star rating Dena from New York, New York


Loved this show! Over the top talent!

5.0 star rating Chris from New York, New York


One of the best musicals I’ve ever seen. Adrienne Warren is simply amazing - the voice, the moves and her charisma are awe-inspiring. A true star

5.0 star rating Raoul Watson from Rockaway Beach, New York


My wife and I truly enjoyed Tina. The set itself is simple but nicely done. The sound system excellent trebles and deep and rich bass. Adrienne Warren did an incredible job. Her voice and timbre is very close to Tina's. The young Anna-Mae (played by Mehret Marsh) also is to be commended for an awesome performance. The Ikettes also did an incredible performance. The Buddhist chants add to the authenticity of Tina seeking peace in her hard life. The story itself in my opinion is a little weak, perhaps because there is just not enough time to tell Tina's life story in the allotted time. For Tina's fan the chronology of the songs maybe disturbing. For example, when Ike proposes the song she sang is "Better be Good to me" and we all know that song was not from 1962 but rather when Tina came back in 1984. There is also some song choices questionable to the actual scene, for example Tina singing "River Deep Mountain High" just after getting a beating from Ike. The song "Private Dancer" should have been replaced because Tina never went that low to become a prostitute. Instead they could have spent a little time showing the triumphant Tina in Mad Max when "We don't need another hero" was featured. I also would have like to hear other songs from the 90's and 2000's but like I said, there is just not enough time. All in all, the story of a rock and roll queen who dragged herself out from a life of being abused to a success is worth the show.

5.0 star rating Elizabeth Porter from New York, New York


Matinee on Wednesday is fabulous. Star that performs the matinee on Wednesday is outstanding. She had the whole crowd in love with her Great artistic work

5.0 star rating from San Francisco, California


This play is more than great! I enjoyed it to the fullest. I am already planning to buy a ticket when it comes to San Francisco. If you haven't seen this play buy your ticket NOW to get a close up seat. I saw it in New York last week and now waiting to see it again.

5.0 star rating Anit Rutner from Providence, Rhode Island


Better than all the rest

5.0 star rating Dr. Thresa Nelson from Providence, Rhode Island


I saw Tina on Broadway several times and this cast is just as AMAZING! Don’t miss your chance to meet performers who will be household names one day! Naomi is one of a kind!

5.0 star rating Bob fantaroni from Providence, Rhode Island


Wow….Tina’s Performance was so spot on, her mannerisms and voice were amazing! aside from any story flaws as noted in reviews, I think that is petty and just tries to diminish! the truth is that the cast energy and star quality is engaging and so relatable that pure enjoyment is the result of being entertained by these professionals … simply The Best!

5.0 star rating Cathleen Rousseau from Providence, Rhode Island


Completely is awe of this performance !! The music, story and amazing talent is a must see !! The entire audience on their feet or singing in their seats - one of the best shows I’ve ever seen at PPAC !!!

5.0 star rating Debra Custis from Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania


I went to the Matinee Show and OMG it was the best musical I've seen in a long time. The Actors/Actresses/Band and all that was involved did an absolute out of this world job! I love Tina Turner and all of you and especially the young lady who played Tina was simply Fabolous. The gentleman who played Ike Turner was absolutely Fantastic! The Dancers I wish I could keep up with you Outstanding! All of the Cast out did yourselves. I wish I could have video the musical to watch all of you over and over again! You all did my heart great. I will never for get that moment. I'm still singing the songs. I pray one day you can return, I would come back again and again. Outstanding, Outstanding! I bought some memorabilia to not forget that moment of Excellence! #1 Musical Fan Debbie C. from Sharon Hill, PA (Delaware County)

5.0 star rating Karin Diaz Alsina from Durham, North Carolina


Amazing performance and very good cast

5.0 star rating Laura from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Loved the cast, music, and effects. Stand up applause. I would recommend this show to anyone who loves theatre.

5.0 star rating Brindell Tilden from Lincolnwood Il


Spectacular performance. Great storyline. Fabulous singing and dancing

5.0 star rating Joan from Chicago, Illinois


Absolutely loved Tina!! The talent was superb and so entertaining.

5.0 star rating EL from Cleveland, Ohio


Wonderful talent, great song and dance routines. Thanks for a nice evening.

5.0 star rating Lesa Peterson from Cleveland, Ohio


Absolutely wonderful. The music, acting, dancing and singing were all powerful! I would see it again!

5.0 star rating Liz L. from Seven Hills OH


If you would close your eyes, you would believe Tina Turner was actually on stage, when her songs were sung. Every actor played their part remarkably and was one of the best musicals I've seen at the theatre in downtown Cleveland.

5.0 star rating Tim W. from Los Angeles, California


I've been to a lot of shows over the years, this blew me away! The actress who brought Tina to life on stage deserves a Tony! (Los Angeles company)

5.0 star rating Carol from Orange County, California


We saw the show on opening night in Orange County California (Segerstrom Center). The actors were all great singers and especially the actor who played Tina….Her dancing and energy were phenomenal. Loved every minute.

5.0 star rating Kevin Deal from Glendora CA


I was going to give the tickets away as these types of stories are typically half-baked and borderline opportunistic. Adrienne Warren made all the difference, Plot fine. Story fine. It was HER and the other singers that poured their hearts out. I have had season tickets at the Pantages for many years. This is the first time I've written a review.

5.0 star rating Carrie from Buffalo, New York


What a show!! 🌈 A journey through the life of Tina Turner...Naomi Rodgers was phenomenal! I kept trying to figure out how Ms. TURNER herself and Ms. Rodgers could do those moves all night long. Only God himself flowed through both of these ladies!!!

5.0 star rating Johnnie Rosales from Austin, Texas


Saw the show in Austin, Tx and it was great. The sound, voices and acting was superb. I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes live musicals.

5.0 star rating Robert L Smith from West Palm Beach, Florida


Powerful performance, super musically, emotionally charged, major entertainment. I can't believe the complaining reviews here. Perhaps the negative folks left early to "beat the crowd" but the show went on and on with no one sitting in their seats for the never-ending surprise finale. Yes this isn't London or Broadway but this show really hit the mark and the evening was as super great.

5.0 star rating Linda Vaughn from Greensboro, North Carolina


This was absolutely fabulous! I know Tina would have been a "Proud Mary". Only one suggestion. There were several spots in Tina's dialogue that could not be heard because the background music was too loud. Perhaps the sound crew can lower the volume a little when there is critical dialogue, so the audience can capture every nuance of the story. I will recommend this to everybody. Our seats were great, the meal at your restaurant was scrumptious and hosts were superb. Tanger you outdid yourself. Looking forward to the next show.

5.0 star rating Tiffany Moore from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I saw the show in Milwaukee on 04/28/24. It was an amazing show! Perhaps one of the best I've seen! The cast was awesome!

4.0 star rating Maureen Clarke from Washington, District of Columbia


This show does an excellent job of following the chronology of Tina Turner’s life. The actors are over the top fabulous. We saw it at the National Theatre in DC where either the microphones were not the best or the acoustics didn’t lend themselves to hearing ANY of the dialogue in the balcony. The filler songs that were written specifically as filler to depict the situation were kind of bland & there were lots of her hits that could have been substituted instead.

4.0 star rating Janet Foster from Seattle, Washington


The show was great. What was not great was the fact that many of us missed the first 18 minutes due to construction on 7th Ave and the cluster f*** that was parking at the 7th Ave parking. It would have been okay if we could have actually been able to hear what was being shown on the monitors in the lobby.

4.0 star rating Texscot from Dallas, Texas


The production and set are fabulous, the cast were wonderful and the script impeccable. The cast were brilliant. Sadly Tina herself didnt quite make the grade for me. Voice was too screaming and nasal sounding. I saw the show in London and felt like I was watching Tina Live, it was perfect so I was thrilled when I saw it was going to be in Dallas. I am hoping that maybe todays main character was stand in, because if not, she Simply not the best

3.0 star rating Pam from Boston, Massachusetts


The last show in Boston was packed with energy, great lighting effects and powerful voices for sure. I just couldn’t relate the woman playing Tina to the actual Tina. The cast gave it their all and gave us the best of themselves. I just can’t say it was a memorable experience for me.

3.0 star rating Kevin from Tempe, Arizona


After seeing a scene on the Tony Awards and reading reviews, I really wanted to see the show. And I really wanted to love it. But I didn't. It was very disappointing. The roles of Tina, her Australian manager, and German marketing manager were miscast. Tina was a show stopping icon. The actress playing her is not. Many of he vocal performances were screechy, making it hard to understand the lyrics at times. Although she tried, her dancing was rather clumsy. The accents of the actors portraying an Australian and German were awful. Telling Tina's story is difficult. Her life was filled with physical and verbal abuse, and abandonment by her mother at a young age. It's not expected the entire show will be upbeat and rosy. But the writing and direction lingered on some of the tragedy too long, which caused the show to drag in spots during both acts. The star of the show is the girl who plays young Tina as a child. She's energetic, believable, and a wonderful singer. Overall the show was disappointing.

3.0 star rating Linda Vaughn from Greensboro, North Carolina


This review is rated LOW ONLY for precautionary and health concerns. In the height of excitement and magic, the prolonged loud music (played especially when actors were talking) was distracting and uncomfortable. Most of the time we could not hear or understand the oral message of the event. Please pay close attention to The World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations that indoor events and venues limit sound levels to 100-107 decibels equivalent (dB) over a 15-MINUTE PERIOD to reduce "unnecessarily hazardous sound levels" while still allowing for artistic expression. I feel certain that Tanger Performing Arts will respect and respond to this issue in a timely manner I will check to see what your decibel levels were at the March 30th production in Greensboro, NC Otherwise- Great Performance. Hope to continue being a loyal follower.

2.0 star rating Mitri from Minneapolis, Minnesota


I saw this performance at the Orpheum in MPLS. This show was double cast and during our show, Zurin Villanueva played Tina. Her voice was pitchy and sharp and did not resemble Tina’s voice at all. It was difficult to listen to. We were also not impressed with the writing, which did not have much nuance and did not flesh out the characters or certain aspects of Ms. Turner’s life (e.g., Buddhism, Ike is one note).

2.0 star rating Phil Meyer from Chicago, Illinois


This tour feels like it's been on the road for too long and it needs a tune up. The music is all there, but it falls short on Villanueva's performance. (Perhaps the other Tina is better?) The direction feels flat, and misses the emotional center of the story. And the choreography is too rushed and sloppy. I was most surprised by how lackluster the set design was. Except for the curtain call concert which shows very well, every other set felt like the cheapest solution. I hope this is not the future of touring companies post Covid.

2.0 star rating Margaret K from Chicago, Illinois


If all you want is to hear Tina's greatest hits, then you came to the right place. But if you were looking for substance and meaningful storytelling you might find yourself tempted to leave midway. Inserting songs inaccurately and often decades before in her life was confusing and forced. Did not follow her life factually. But the final 20 minutes are the best. Great performances to finish the night like a concert, just not a theatrical storytelling I was hoping for.

2.0 star rating Surprisingly Disappointed Tina Fan from Los Angeles, California


The cast is giving everything they have to writing that lets them (and us) down. They try to tell Tina's entire life story leaving little time to focus on any one aspect. When there is focus it's on Tina being beaten. Through out the second half many people were getting up and leaving mid performance.

2.0 star rating Jodi Freed from San Francisco, California


I came of age with Tina's solo career. She was all legs, sexy, fashion and heat. She had a voice that could move the top off a mountain. Wouldn't know if from this show. They chose great songs and the band was smokin' but that's where the magic ended. Such a literal and unimaginative and uninspired interpretation. For example, the number "Can't stand the Rain" consists of her and Ike under umbrellas. Come on people! Such unimaginative choreo and such a literal interpretation of a song that is so much more than about the RAIN! The young Tina in the start of Act I had the fire but the woman who played adult Tina, her voice had moments of power and veracity but it was not consistent. Truly , Act II was actually painful to sit through! Only the encores brought some heat. If this is your first time to try and experience the magic and power of Tina Turner, it won't work and for those of us who know her power, not only did not do her justice, it was an insult. I know she had a hand in the show but but somewhere along the road, it lost its heart, heat, creativity and sexiness. I didn't think it was possible but this production takes the Tina out of Tina.

2.0 star rating from St. Louis, Missouri


I love Tina Turner music and was very disappointed in the production in St. Louis. The actress portraying Tina was not a great dancer and she was difficult to understand when singing. I expected more familiar music and better choreography. The real star of the show was the young actress who played young Tina. She was phenomenal…blew everyone else away. Her voice, enthusiasm and acting were remarkable. Too bad the rest of the show didn’t have her energy.

2.0 star rating Kris from Dallas, Texas


The set was very cheaply put together. The actress wasn’t able to embody Tina. She did have a great voice but at times was pitchy and hard to understand. It felt like a really long high school play. I struggled to really focus. I think they gave it their all but… the best part was the encore at the end.

2.0 star rating Carol S. from Hartford, Wisconsin


I was excited to see Tina. Very disappointed. Your sound system is terrible..Hard to understand the actors. The Tina actors not good at all, not even close to Tinas voice. This actually reminded me of a grade school play.

1.0 star rating Mark Sugrue from Boston, Massachusetts


No acting. No singing. Cheesy production. Absolutely horrible. Left at intermission. There was not a single vocalist that could carry a tune. Off pitch on every song. Would have been kicked off Americas Got Talent. Production was cheap. Ex oh expected so much more. Did not honor Tina Turner at. Show should close.

1.0 star rating Ellen from Orlando, Florida


The acting and the sets were of high school caliber. Those were not Broadway dancers. They did a disservice to Tina Turners voice and overall it was not entertaining. The last two songs at the end were the best part of the whole show. Saw it on Broadway and there’s no comparison…..Cheap and cheesy production

1.0 star rating Duane Smith from Seattle, Washington


Horrible, high school production and producers could do better what a dis service to Tina Turner Legacy... has such hi hopes and nothing but let down. This play group should be ashamed 5o charge for this production. Horrible acting worse singing and worse stage props.. went to Matinee today the 16th at 2pm. Not only did we walk out at intermission but so many others did too. They were all in agreement such a disappointment go back to high-school and music class pleasej

1.0 star rating Tom Helms from Tempe, Arizona


Saw the production in Tempe on the ASU campus. Poor direction...could not understand or hear the dialogue. the actors would begin in a voice and volume that could be heard, but as the actor continued the volume would become a whisper. The volume was muffled and at times became just noise.. I along with others who were in the first balcony left at intermission, This production was a waste of money, time and was a total disappointment. I was a guest and they were the ones who suggested that we leave. I gladly agreed,

1.0 star rating Sheryl from Denver, Colorado


I saw the Broadway production in NYC years ago and if was great. The Denver show was poor - dancing, singing and set. A high school could put on a better production. Tina Turner was a legend! So sad the show in Denver did nothing to honor her.


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A rolling Success!

The high never really stops as Adrienne Warren delivers simply the best performance as the Queen of Rock and Roll.

Fans of all ages were whooping from the first bars of the first song (Nutbush City Limits - what else?) And the high never really stops as Adrienne Warren delivers simply the best performance as the Queen of Rock and Roll.

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