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Daryl Hall and Todd Rungren

Bill Norris from Omaha, Nebraska
16th August 2023

Don't let these two fool you. They are simply awesome! Take it in, and forget about life for a few hours. These songs are beautifully sung and played. Great show. Highly recommend it. Don't be the fool and miss this spectacular concert and these two hall of famers.

Daryl Hall Raw & Unfiltered

Felicia Khan from New York, New York
15th April 2022

Yes, I too was disappointed that many of my old favorites weren't sung...however, if you ever watch live from Daryls House, it's Unfiltered, Raw, live jam sessions where maybe the acoustics might be off a bit. Nevertheless, Daryl kudos to you, Todd and the band. 75 and still can jam the way you do is mind blowing!!! Your catalog & range of music stands decades. I didn't recognize many of Todd's songs & some of Daryls but could appreciate the sets. Thank you Daryl, please come back to NYC soon...with John Oats.

Daryl Hall and Todd Rundgren

Sonja and Zach from Boston, Massachusetts
12th April 2022

My son and I saw this concert last night! It was awesome! I am in awe how they still have the stamina and the voice to this day! You go Daryl and Todd! You still have it and always will! Thank you for your talent ! We are blessed!

Awesome Treat!

Cathy from New York, New York
15th April 2022

Daryl Hall does not disappoint on his solo tour with special guest Todd Rundgren. Voice in top form and MAN THIS GUY HAS SOME PIPES AT 75! Enjoyed every second! Bravo! 👏👏👏

Everything I hoped for and then some

A.J. from Boston, Massachusetts
12th April 2022

The venue acoustics were great. Both artists vocals were the best I had heard in years. As an avid fan of both, the sets were unbelievable.Todd's set list was a dream set- hit after hit and sensational covers. If this show and its encore didn't move you check your pulse. Can't recommend it enough...would travel again to see it

Beautiful theatre-Daryl Delivers

Robin Fields from Riviera Beach, Florida
16th April 2022

Traveled thousands of miles to see this show and very glad we did. Todd surprised me with how fantastic he sounded live after all these years. He sang several popular songs, my favorite, his version of ‘ I Want You to Want Me’ from his With a Twist CD. It was spot on. He’s an incredible vocalist. Daryl reworked brilliantly several of his own songs including, “Everytime You Go Away”. I was taken to near tears to finally hear live his sons from Sacred Songs, a long LONG awaited treat. Daryl addressed the audience that he was dealing with some tech issues and I think that just made him, seem more real than ever. His voice was as beautiful as ever. The band was incredible.